Monday, April 6, 2015

Ice Troll and Yeti...and a Video

I love painting metal miniatures, but I'm not above a good plastic or resin fig when they come along. Gale Force Nine has been putting out a limited series of D&D monsters and adventurer sets for the past couple of years...I thought I'd give some of the figures a try.

First up is this set of winter-themed creatures, the Ice Troll and Yeti. Each is built from about 5 nicely-sculpted resin pieces. Here they are assembled, primed, inked and mounted on new bases.

The paint jobs are super-straightforward.

I airbrushed four shades of light blue and a final overspray of light pink for the Ice Troll...then just brush-painted in the remaining details.

The Yeti got sprays of light grey through white, was given a dark wash, and over-sprayed again.

Again, remaining details were brush-painted in the finish the figure.

I like these figures. Great animation, and simple to paint up.

And they got a workout in our latest D&D session. Here is an edited video of the last battle in the D&D Basic Set campaign, the Lost Mine of Phandelver. Thanks to David, Mike, Garnett, Kimberley, Elliot and Seana for playing in this one.

'Til next time.


  1. Those are indeed some sweet looking figures Kevin. Looks like a fun D&D Session as well.

  2. Outstanding video and game. Better than the critical hits pod cast. Hope you make more videos. Thanks for posting the game