Saturday, April 30, 2016


Time for some more RPG figures. These two got rolled out last week. The first is Reaper's Eldritch Demon, which has a strong Cthulian feel to him.

Super-easy to paint up. Base coat was a bright green sprayed over a deep purple. Pink on the tentacles  and a few details, along with a drybrush...and done.

This guy is a Reaper Bathalian called D'Kul. It's OK to just say Mind Flayer.

Really like this figure. Very simple, but flavourful...and gets the Ilithid aesthetic across perfectly in a D&D game.

'Til next time.


  1. I've got one of those demons on my painting table at the moment as well. Thanks for the tips on how you painted yours, and the inspiring photos!

  2. Lovely tones on both of these!

  3. Hallo have you for Cthulhu a Air Brush or Pencil ? Sorry I not good in English.