Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Horrors From the Silver Tower

Latest batch of figures from the Silver Tower set are the Horrors of Tzeentch.

The airbrush got a heavy workout on these guys, which made the project go very quick. Nice, articulated sculpts. A pleasure to paint. And now, more pieces done for the Silver Tower game. I figure I'm about half way through the set now.

On the Warmachine front, the Mk3 release is imminent. To prepare, I put together another Repenter. Lots of flamethrower goodness. Now if only Privateer would make some nice hard plastic models, instead of these crappy soft resiny-plastic 'jack figures.

Affection for the great Kings of War rule set continues. Last night Coltman came over for a 2000-point game. His Kingdoms of Men army is composed of Sassanid Persians. 

Next up...Grot Scuttlings for Silver Tower.


  1. Those little flame guys are very cool! Love the glow done on the bases! Looking forward to playing this when your finished! For now I will keep the shrinkwrap on mine 8D

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