Saturday, July 16, 2016

More Silver Tower Denizens

Almost two months in, and I can see the end of the Silver Tower painting project...just not quite there yet. However, this week, I got a lot closer by finishing off the 8 Chaos Familiars and 2 Deathstalker models.

The Familiars are great little models; full of whimsey. There are the walking books, the fish, dragonettes and..."moon-headed guys"...whatever they are. I felt I had the freedom to really go to town on these guys and just make up all sorts of outrageous paint schemes. So, that's what happened.

The Deathrunner model was pretty cool. I had done some Skaven last year, so was familiar with how I'd approach doing this guy.

A simple paint scheme, but the model is strong enough to show off with just minimal paint attention.

Well, all that's left on the adversary side of the game is the Ogroid and Gaunt Summoner. They are next!

'Til next time.