Sunday, August 14, 2016

Heroes for Silver Tower

With all the Silver Tower adversaries painted, and a game coming up on Tuesday, it was time to get some heroes ready for the table. Four of these are from the boxed set, and one is an Age of Sigmar individual that has stats for the game.

The large 32mm format for these figures gives you lots of detail to paint. Really like these figures.

First up was the Exalted Deathbringer. I bought this figure separately as my own hero for Silver Tower. No reason other than it's a pretty cool looking miniature.

Then there is the Warpriest and Gryph-hound. Nothing quite like a dog crossed with a gryphon and painted like a tiger!

This is the magic user from the set, called a Mistweaver.

Tank = Knight-questor. Actually kind of fond of the standard Sig-marines paint scheme. That gold and blue looks good on the table.

Finally in this batch we have the Darkoath barbarian dude. Lots of nicely sculpted and sharply cast detail on this figure.

The Silver Tower boxed set does allow for adversary expansion, so I've started working on a Herald of Tzeentch. We'll see how he turns out.

'Til next time.


  1. Great work, how are you doing your blood splatters?

    1. Hey Ultimate. Thanks for the comment. Blood splatters are brown ink, then red ink, then Blood for the Blood God.

  2. Great paint job. I'd love to play a game with models painted to that standard!

  3. Wow Kevin, once again you have exceeded yourself! I just hope all that blood isn't an omen for us on Tuesday! Did you need me to bring anything?

  4. I love the look of the gold armour, how did you paint them?

    Greetings form Germany :)

    1. Hi Steven.
      I painted using the standard GW method. Retributor Gold, Fleshshade, Liberator Gold and then a silver highlight.