Monday, October 17, 2016

A Dozen Assorted RPG Figures

Our group's RPG game has moved to the desert, so it was time to step up and paint some figures on sand bases.

These are Minions of Set and Lions of Mitra from Otherworld Miniatures. They've just recently been released in their "Judge's Guild" line, and are made for...of all things...the Dark Tower adventure module from 1980. What a find! Dark Tower was my fav adventure game product from that era.

These Mummies and Undead Lord are from Reaper. 

Here's a weird one. The Guardian Naga, Omphalos, again from Otherworld. Kind of creepy.

And finally, this Giant Snake is from Reaper. Did a quick Google search on Diamondbacks and got good ideas for the paint scheme.

'Til next time.


  1. Ooooh! Hadn't seen these before...they look brilliant!

  2. WOW Kevin!...just WOW! Your brushwork/airbrushing is amazing. The pattern on the huge snake is impressive. I will be speaking more with you about how you did the mummy eyes! That scheme will work well on my Zombies!

  3. Nice paint jobs Kevin! The Dark Tower line from Otherworld is recent. Its been a lot of fun and a creative challenge as well to envision and create concept art for the RPG characters and monsers that I created for Dark Tower all those years ago as game miniatures.

    1. Great to hear from you. Loved Dark Tower...always have. Playing D&D in its vicinity right now.

    2. I'm happy you like the figures. Pairing them with those Reaper figures is awesome (I think I need to get that giant snake and a similar cobra). As Otherworld has noted, there will be more in the line (based on my concept art, as well).

    3. More from Dark Tower? Cool. Very exciting.