Monday, November 28, 2016

Painting is a 4-Letter Word

Hello fellow painters and hobby-dudes/dudettes.

I'm announcing the launch of a new video channel series called "Painting is a 4-Letter Word". The videos that will appear in this channel are simply recordings of a monthly get-together of fellow hobby enthusiasts from the Edmonton area. While the participants paint and build tabletop models, conversation naturally drifts from anecdotes, to hobby projects, to thoughts around game companies and entertainment properties. Painting is a 4-Letter Word captures these conversations and opinions and delivers them straight to you.

Why would you care? Well, most of us paint or otherwise hobby in isolation. We have podcasts and music to keep us company...but what about the option of painting within the soundscape of a less-structured geeky conversation? A conversation among enthusiastic and opinionated friends. Well, if the thought of that is appealing...and who couldn't use some more white noise while slogging through long painting projects...well, then hopefully Painting is a 4-Letter Word will work for you.

And, yes...Explicit Language Warning!

In this inaugural episode, you'll hear myself, Tom and Ward from Hobby Night in Canada, Barry from Mekboy's Garage, and good friend, Elliot Christian. Enjoy.

'Til next time...

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