Sunday, January 8, 2017

Rogue Stars Character Cards

Rogue Stars from Osprey Wargames is a very new ruleset. As such, it's lacking a lot of material that would make it more gamer-friendly...including a Quick Reference Card for the game modifiers and Character Cards.

In lieu of a set of pre-made Character Cards, I made my own. These files were built in Apple's Pixelmator software.

My first set of characters for the game is a 200-point squad of Heavy-World Miners. I gave the squad "Hard to Kill" and armed most of them with shotguns (stats found on the group Facebook page). These guys were named after some of my favourite Raptor second-stringers.

The miners are led by Powell. Rogue Star characters have to be built between 30 and 70 points. Powell, at 46 has a pretty low cost for a leader...but that's the trade-off for having 5 guys in the squad. He's armed with a mining pick (Monowire Scythe), pistol and a small grenade.

Swag Daddy, second in command, checks in at 42 points. He has a shotgun and sword.

CoJo doubles as the squad's medic and chief technician.

Like all the shotguns in the squad, BeBe's is loaded with Dragon Breath rounds. They have a shortened range, but cause Scorch. That means when another model is hit, damage is automatically applied to the least armoured section of the target.

Caboclo rounds out the squad. Like BeBe, he has Chucker...which allows him greater accuracy when throwing his stun grenade.

OK, another game ready to go. Cards were printed an put in plastic sleeves to write on during gameplay.

'Til next time.


  1. Nicely done. Play aids make a huge difference in a game.

  2. Like the cards, will be taking your advice on these for the game.

  3. Great looking cards. Should make game play quicker.

  4. Nicely done Kevin!
    I noted the fella's in Ottawa did a similar thing with Frostgrave soldiers.