Thursday, June 22, 2017

First Primaris Space Marines

Well, here is the first Space Marine squad finished out of the new Warhammer 8th edition Dark Imperium boxed set. I've decided to paint my marines up as Dark Angels, 3rd Company.

The process for painting these guys was the same I used for the Word Bearers from the Calth boxed set last year (but green marines this time, instead of red). I started with assembly, and then pinned everything for easy handling.

Flat black primer coat.

The a gloss black coat to take the next metallic layer better.

Next, two shades of silver. Gunmetal for the "upwards" spray, and Duraluminium for the "downwards" spray. This is pre-shading for the Minitaire Ghost Tint spray coming next.

A coat of Green Ghost Tint.

That was followed up with the start of detail painting. Gold, sliver, leather, red, etc.

Bases were painted, decals were added, arms were glued in, final weathering scratches applied, figures based, and, there you go.

Squad number one is off the table. Much more to come.

This past week I also finished off one of the Hammerhal hero figures. A Chaos Lord, or Mage or something. Not sure what it's called.

Nice figure, though. I like it. Looking to play some Hammerhal in July.

Up next is more Dark Imperium Space Marines.

'Til next time.

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