Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Secret Weapon's New Line of Weathering Paints

A few years back, Secret Weapon put a line of weathering acrylics. Loved them. Last year, they were supposed to release wave two in the line, but it never came out. Well, never say never, because 15 new paints were just released. And here they are...

First up, a set of five weathering colours for engines. Grease, oil, engine fluid, rust. Cool stuff.

And stuck in the line is a nice set of four metallic colours. Some awesome metallics here.

Three shades of verdigris. Good for weathering copper and bronze.

A nice surprise: three heat-tinting colours for distressed metal.

So, in case you are unfamiliar with Secret Weapon's previous line of acrylics (which I use constantly), here they are.

Starting with a great line of rust tones.

Dirt and dust.

Three fantastic natural wood colours.

And finally a line of tire rubber paints.

All these guys are airbrush-ready, though I'd recommend thinning them just a little before blowing them through your 'brush. Great and very useful colour set.

'Til next time.

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