Saturday, November 4, 2017

Dark Angel Scout Snipers

I wanted some scouts for my Dark Angels force, so I grabbed 5 scout snipers from the Shadow War Armageddon box.

To make these guys blend in with my Dark Angels force, I wanted their body armor to be in metallic green, and their camouflage cloaks to match, colour-wise, with the urban camo I was painted on my Repulsor tank. So, I started with assembly. 

Before I started into this project, the heads were already mostly painted from a tutorial I ran a few months back up at Thunderground in St Albert.

The bodies and guns were painted gloss black.

The fronts of the figures were sprayed with silver... order to receive the green ghost tint.

I then painted on the gold aquila and sprayed the figures with a flat sealer. This allowed me to move on to blocking out the other colours I was going to be using for the cloth and leather portions. All painting was pretty straight forward from this point.

Including the cloaks, which got an urban camo treatment. The figures were  glued onto their final bases, the heads were finished off, and that was about it. Time to move onto the next project.

'Til next time.

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