Friday, November 27, 2009

Fokker Triplane Build: Part 2

Off to Calgary for the here's a quick update on the Jasta 19 Dr.I builds for Canvas Eagles.

As you can see, I finally got the last two required kits in, and I'm in the process of catching them up with the other three. All fuselage assemblies have been closed up, puttied and sanded down in this shot.

Here, the fuselage sets have been primed. You may also notice that there are six planes here...not the five I had planned. Easily explained, but only understood my masochists. I figured that while I was doing these five Eduard kits, I might as well toss in a Revell build as well. I had the kit and a set of nice FCM decals to use, so what the Hell? Like six is going to be that much more work than five!

For the sixth triplane, I'm deviating from my standard practice of modeling low-scoring pilots and am doing a build for one of the most prodigious triplane pilots of the war, Hans Kirschstein. Kirschstein scored 27 victories with Jasta 6 in his three months as a fighter pilot. He was killed in late June, 1918 as a passenger in a flight accident.

His triplane was known as The Optical Illusion, due to the nature of the black & white striping which reputedly threw off the aim of attacking pilots.

Here's a three-view drawing of the aircraft.

And here is the current state of this extra sixth build. The top wing striping is on and the Jasta 6 tail markings are done.

More next week. Until then...go Roughriders!

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