Sunday, November 15, 2009

Weekend Miscellany

After finishing the big SE5a build last weekend, I spent this weekend tidying up the hobby table and reviewing upcoming projects. Not the least of these is my planned quintuple Fokker Triplane build. I have three of the five models in right now, and started prepping these kits. I'm using Eduard models (gotta take a break from Roden!), and as I've said, these are going to be Jasta 19 machines from early April 1918. Pilot profiles and more detailed build notes next week.

My buddy Elliot and I are working on getting a Space Hulk campaign going. He's much further ahead on the miniature painting than I am. He's table-ready with all his Terminator Marines. I'm working on my Genestealers, but I suspect that Elliot will get his done first. I'll be using his in the campaign until I can get mine finished.

I'm not a fan of the Games Workshop standard paint schemes for the Genestealers, so I've worked up my own using the P3 Cryx Bane and GW Rotting Flesh colors for my slimy alien hoard.

Here they are on one of the Space Hulk game tiles.

One of my lingering WWI Canvas Eagles builds is an Airfix Hannover Cl IIIa. I don't have the jam for the intricate fuselage hex pattern paint scheme, so I've decided to go with a simple blue and white body. Top plane lozenge (by Pegasus) is on...underside lozenge to follow.

I took an opportunity this weekend to fix up a number of my Canvas Eagles planes that were a little war-worn from four years of campaigning. Many had detached magnets, dislodged landing gear axles and even broken wings. A lot of super glue later, these guys are ready to fly again.

Revell Fokkers (including one old Airfix Triplane) and a Roden Pfalz.

Airfix Albatros DVs and Roland CII. The DIII is the old Revell kit, and the Albatros CIII is from Pegasus.

Airfix Pups, Esci Nieuport 17 and a Flashback Sopwith 1 1/2 Strutter single seat bomber.

While waiting for the remaining Triplane models to arrive, I've started into the wing streaking using the neat Gunsight Graphics decals.

Also had time to play Warcraft with my wife. Here is her character, Birdee, on her new Bronze Drake mount, next to me on my Red Drake. Probably doesn't mean anything to non-WoW players...but to us, getting the Bronze Drake out of Stratholme was a big deal

Til next time!


  1. Wow, what a productive weekend! That Eduard triplane kit is really nice. Everything fits, goes together and is in relative few pieces. Great for gaming!

  2. Agree! Quite different from the other kits I've been building recently!