Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Canvas Eagles

A fictional dogfight between C Flight, 56 Squadron and a kette of triplanes from Jasta 19 formed the backdrop for our club's eight-player Canvas Eagles game last night. Kevin, Bob, Terry and Chris played the allied pilots, while Elliot, Matt, Andy and Chen-song played the Germans.

This turned out to be a swirling dogfight, with most of the planes taking plenty of damage (and there were lots of wounded pilots). In the end, the British lost two aircraft and the Germans one, with the allies losing an additional plane down under control behind enemy lines.

The low-light for me was setting Andy's plane on fire when he only had two fuselage damage boxes remaining...and having it burn for FIVE turns. Five damage chits later, no additional fuselage hits were delivered and the fire went out. Andy then promptly collided with Bob's SE5a and went down. Robbed! A few turns later, Andy had brought on a new plane, lined my plane up for a close range shot and promptly delivered a "Pilot Killed" damage chit result. Aargh.

Here's is Andy's plane on fire.

I managed to get pilot figures into all of the German planes before game I have to paint up a few more for the next time the SE5as hit the table.

'Til next time...


  1. Thanks for playing...that was a lot of fun!

  2. Thanks for this event, Kevin. The work you did really paid off in the appearance of the battle. I'm inspired for completing my next build. Cya in 3 months!

    One suggestion. I remember seeing inadvertent images of players' crotches in past games as you documented the gameplay. A group crotch shot of all the players would be a nice addition to future reports.

    10 seconds of your life you will never get back...

  3. Hahahaha...yes, a group shot for the request goes unsatisfied!