Sunday, December 13, 2009

Fokker Triplane Build: Part 4 of 4

Well, I can finally put this project to bed. It's been the better part of a month, but the six Fokker Dr.Is are ready to hit the game table this coming Tuesday night.

This build took about twice as long as the last group of SE5as I did, mainly because there was so much paint masking and decal work. As an example, one Jasta 19 triplane fuselage side would get a base coat of white primer, then a mask for the iron cross field, then a spray of desert sand (for the linen color), then the iron cross decal. Next there would be a light overpainting of olive for the cross, then the streak decal, then the serial number and finally the decal for the fuselage personal marking. In other took a while!

Here the build is almost done...just waiting for landing gear, tail skid and propeller.

The builds are done now. Kirschstein's optical illusion plane from Jasta 6 is in the back left. The five Jasta 19 planes from early April, 1918 round out the shot.

Another view, this time from the front quarter. I'm running a Canvas Eagles game at the club on Tuesday, so I'll post some pics on Wednesday.

A final inspirational Jasta 19 Korner is diving on some English Bristol Fighters (even though at this time, these pilots were mostly fighting French opponents).

I'd like to do a flight of Albatros D.Vs next, but I think I'll take a little break and paint some Space Hulk miniatures heading into the Christmas holidays. 'Til next time...


  1. That disruptive camo is hard to look at. That will look real nice with some flames shooting out of the rear end on Tuesday, though... .

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