Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harbinger Versus Epic Vladimir

Played a 35pt game of Warmachine out at the club last night against Elliot's Khador forces. I took a Tier 4 Harbinger list against his Epic Vlad warcaster.

Here is the Harbinger, along with her "bodyguards".

Here is a shot of Elliot's beautiful cavalry models, backed up with a group of snipers.

Vlad arrives on the scene with his wardog and a heavy warjack.

The killing blow comes from the Harbinger, who casts two Cataclysm spells on Vlad...knocking him into next week.

I've really been enjoying the new MkII Warmachine and can't wait for the new Hordes rules to come out this summer. I've got an Everblight army lined up at the painting table waiting for attention after I finish off a slew of Menoth models.

'Til next time.

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