Friday, May 14, 2010

Painting Menoth Troops and 'Jacks

I have a number of Warmachine projects on the table right now. Here are a selection of them, showing the painting progression I go through.

A unit of Menoth Bastions. These are the new plastic multi-piece models. My only complaint is that the polearms were warped. I put them in hot water to straighten them out...but once they cooled they warped again. Bummer... Anyway, here is basic assembly before any painting. I use plastic model cement for the plastic models, while the heavier metal models are glued with 5-minute epoxy and/or gap-filling CA. I don't pin my models...epoxy will hold anything together.

Primer coat goes on next and the pieces are glued to their bases. This is a unit of Daughters of the Flame.

Warcaster Kreoss, again, just primed at this stage.

And a primed Warjack...the Vanquisher.

After priming, each unit gets a black wash. This is so that dark recesses I miss with paint layers will at least be black. For the majority of the model, however, I'm painting over white and I find that the colors wind up being a bit more vibrant than if I'd painted over a completely black base coat. Here is the Avatar of Menoth.

Here, a Reckoner warjack has had its base colors blocked out. Areas that will become bronze and gold have received a base coat of dark yellow. After this stage, the model gets a wash of brown-black ink to reinforce the details. Then highlight colors are then built up in successive layers.

The result...finished pieces. Here are two Dervish light 'jacks that have had their bases completed as well.

'Til next time.

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