Sunday, June 20, 2010

The Big Tank Project Continues

The Kursk project continued this week with camouflage painting. I had a look through my references for German armor at Kursk and discovered that recent thinking and photo analysis shows that most tanks and assault guns fighting at Kursk were painted dark yellow with an overspray of olive green.

Here is the current state of the project. Base paint schemes, tires, tracks and mufflers have been completed. In the back row, you can see there are four very different Tigers. The plane yellow and yellow/green Tiger are fine for Kursk scenarios. I also painted one for Normandy with a three-color scheme, and the final one with the red-brown paint scheme is intended for Polish or Baltic fighting in '44.

I have two StuG III Gs still down in the basement getting repainted. My first take on their paint jobs was awful.

Next up is a coat of gloss varnish, then decals, weathering washes and powders, and a final matt coat to finish them off.

'Til next time.


  1. Amazing camo job with the airbrush. It is hard to get the fuzzy line at the edge of the stripe any other way except through some some serious thinning with water and lots of BS with a paint brush. Should be a helluva a game!

  2. Thanks Bob! I'm really looking forward to getting these and a slew of T-34s out on the table.

  3. Amazing stuff Kevin. I'm seriously thinking of starting an army in 15mm.