Sunday, June 27, 2010

Mighty "Warmachine/Hordes" Empires

Well, the Kursk tank project continues...but I'll be weathering those vehicles for some time. Meanwhile our Warmachine/Hordes play group has decided to start a campaign. I've assembled a set of GW's Mighty Empires to create the campaign map.

The terrain was painted very quickly with the airbrush, and then some extra time was taken up with brush painting the various cities, mines and castles for the map. The flags where painted with aerosol cans.

For the campaign, each force starts with three home hexes. I'm playing Menoth, Scott has built up a respectable Skorne army, Casper and Robin are fielding Cygnar, and Elliot has Khador and Circle on the board. We started this week. Scott already has two victories (and two new hexes), and Casper has one. We are going to run the campaign until one faction controls eight hexes.

The campaign rules are pretty simple. Holding a city allows a player to add +1 infantry point to his force. A castle gives +1 hero point, while a mine gives +1 warjack/warbeast point.

'Til next time.


  1. Awesome idea Kevin - i think im going to have to steal it and suggest my gaming group does the same thing for out hordes campaign.

  2. Great Blog! I am just starting a Lizardmen army for 8th ed. WHFB as well, so I'll be eagerly following your posts...