Sunday, September 5, 2010

Skink Priest

OK, a little break this week before diving into the next Skink unit. I only bothered with two figures this week. The main one for my Lizardmen army is the Skink Priest in Feathered Cloak.

Just wanted to get a little hero out of the way given the abbreviated painting week I had.

I also did this wood elf figure (it's an old Prince August figure from their Middle-earth line), for an RPG I'm thinking of running.

So, Skinks are on the way for next week...I need to do 12 more in order to get my three Kroxigors out on the table as core units.

'Til next time.


  1. That is a great looking skink priest. I really like the skin tones and the definition you have on them. The feathers are really well done as well, nice choice of colours for them

  2. Superb job on these, especially the skink. The vibrant cloak colours are very, hmm, Aztec and really make the character stand out.

  3. I bet you did almost all of this with inks, eh? Very effective with all that fine feathery detail!

  4. Battlemind,

    Err, sorry, no inks, but I did use a blue wash to start the skin off. The rest was just paint and drybrushing.

  5. Prest looks great... I'm probably gonna stal the feather idea... are you hitting them with a wash then dry brushing over? If so, what wash?

  6. Clt40k

    No wash on the feathers...just building up color with base coat and drybrushing. The detail is pretty fine, so you don't want to gum it up with too many coats.