Sunday, September 19, 2010

Works In Progress

Well, several projects on the go this week, but nothing finished. First off, I was happy to get pretty far along with these two Viking longboat models. They are 1/50th scale, which is pretty close to 28mm.

There were a number of shield transfers in the kits...these shields will be attached to the gunwales on the completed models.

I'm slowly making progress on my Hordes 2.0 army. Here is my first new Warlock, Epic Thagrosh. He's pretty close to being done, but not quite there yet.

I also started into a unit of Goblin archers for War of the Ring. Just have some base skin and armor done on these guys.

And, in my drive to completing a 2500 point Lizardmen army for Warhammer, I only have about 15 figures to go. Here is a hero conversion of Gor-Rok I started this week. New arm, new shoulder pad, new shield and war trophies.

I'll be off for a couple of weeks in early October, so just one more update this month, and then I'll start catching back up again close to Halloween.

'Til next time.


  1. Nice stuff, Kevin!

    Who makes those Long Ships?

  2. Dig the Gor-Rok conversion...

  3. Nice stuff, I really like the metallics on Thagrosh, they look good.

  4. Thanks Brush...just some metal/blue ink/drybrush...but works nice.