Saturday, April 2, 2011

Celt Army Done for MayDay Convention

The MayDay convention is coming up fast, but at least the Celt (more properly, Gallic) army I need for the Command & Colors game I'm running is now done. Well, it's not done-done...there are still lots of details I'd like to put in...mostly in clothing, but what the hell. Something has to give.

Here are the Warrior Infantry units, with the Medium Cavalry units in the background.

And here are the Auxillia Infantry, with the Light Cavalry in the background.

I'm going to assemble the required magnetic bases for these guys tomorrow...but at least I can move onto the Roman army now. Just a few weeks left, but I think it will all be done on time.

'Til next time.


  1. Looking good, the shields look fantastic, keep 'em coming!!

  2. Nice job--you matched the level of details on the shield decals perfectly with the detail you put on the figures. Great work!

  3. Regardless of the project the satisfaction of job well done is always quickly followed by self critical appraisal. But while you may feel some bits aren't up to scratch, the rest of us viewing are impressed by a well turned out army and i for one am envious that my all my own projects are still far from finished :)

    Bet the romans seem quite bland after this little horde.

    Happy painting.

  4. Thanks guys,

    Appreciate the comments. Just put the magnetic unit bases together today, for these guys and the Romans. Also started into the game terrain. Will update next week.


  5. this is a very nice project, very inspiring. How do you keep track of the number of "blocks"?