Monday, April 11, 2011

Khador Tag Team

Quick update...

Last Tuesday night at the club, Elliot, Scott, Casper and I played a four-player WarmaHordes match. Elliot and I both had our Khador out, against Scott's Skorne and Casper's Cygnar.

Fortunately for Khador, our two armies blend well together. My stuff is grey/red, while Elliot's is olive/grey/red. We each contributed 25 points to the 50-point army list (which included two full Winterguard Death Stars).

Here, the Khador swarm moves towards the opposing start line. The two sides maneuvered carefully for several turns. In the end, both Khador casters (The Butcher and Epic Irusk) popped feats and layed down a devastating Winterguard panzerfaust and hand cannon beat down on the Skorne caster. That was too much for the opposing force, and we packed it in for the night.

'Til next time.


  1. Those are all fantastic looking armies.

  2. Beautiful armies... 2 full WG deathstars is very scary.

  3. Hello,

    Can I use your photo of the Winter Guard army on the Battle College article about the 2017 Winter Guard theme?

    I will credit you as the painter, of course.

    1. Daniel. the Winterguard were painted by Elliot Christian.