Saturday, May 14, 2011

Cryx Continues

It was a good week...with the Celt project done, I've been able to really concentrate on getting some Cryx out.

Seether Helljack.

Another shot.

Nightmare Helljack.

...and on the way out.

Cankerworm Bonejack.

Nightwretch Bonejacks.

The Withershadow Combine, a character unit.

On Thursday I played a practice tournament game with my Menoth army and swapped an unpainted Vanquisher in for my Reckoner for better troop clearing. This worked pretty well, so I decided to paint the Vanquisher and make it a permanent resident in the tournament army. Painted it Thursday night...just a quick one.

More Cryx on the way...

'Til next time.


  1. Really liking the colour scheme and application there of for your cryx especially the Seether Helljack, kinda reminds me of a crab both in colour texture and shape... nice job, the only problem is they make the vanquisher look quite boring by comparison.

    Look forward to seeing more...

  2. Qalpha,
    I agree with you about the Vanquisher. I have four Warmachine armies, and use a different painting style on each...Menoth was my first army, so I use the simplest techniques there. No shame though...happy to be able to switch between armies and exercise different creative muscles each time.

  3. Kevin,
    Outstanding color scheme on your Cryx. Could you give a brief description of how you achieve it? I would love to do something similar with some Necrons I'm about to start. Thanks, and again, great work.

  4. Pseudo,
    1) Prime black.
    2) Spray base coat color(s)
    3) Use MIG weathering powder diluted with rubbing alcohol...start with the muddy browns and work up through the red browns to dust.
    4) Go in with the rust powders.
    5) As you get close to the end, switch over to turpentine to fix the powders in place.
    6) Sponge on small spots of base color for wear.
    7) Silver dots for scraped bare metal.
    8) Good luck!!!

  5. I really like the rusty weathered look. It's a pretty simple method for painting large flat surfaced but the final effect is great nonetheless.