Sunday, May 22, 2011

Cryx Warcasters, Solos and an Attachment

Sunday afternoon and I'm watching Vancouver beat up San Jose in a Stanley Cup semi-final game. Go Vancouver!

Cryx pieces continue this week, starting with some 'casters. First up is Venethrax, a very good anti-Hordes 'caster.

Next, a classic Cryx Warcaster, prime Asphyxious.

This is my favorite low-point game caster so far, Goreshade the Bastard, with his companion, Deathwalker.

This is a Cryx solo I'm really looking froward to playing, the Skarlock Thrall. This solo has Spell Slave, allowing him to throw one 'caster spell per action.

I'm really keen on this solo, the Pistol Wraith. Not so much for what he does (though he is potent, being able to cripple an opposing model for one turn), but because of how he looks. I really like this sculpt. I'm calling him Casper.

This is a Mercenary figure, Gorman Di Wolfe, the rogue alchemist. I like him with Goreshade, covering the Bastard's advance up the table.

Finally, here's the command attachment for the Bane Thralls...officer and standard bearer. Looking forward to using the ability "Dead Rise."

'Til next time.


  1. Once again, great stuff from you. I've also recently bought a Skarlock and plan to get him painted soon as he's got really great potential. Pistol Wraiths are also one of my favourites. They're not powerful but these little buggers can be annoying for weaker enemy units (I play Denny so all her debuffs make these guys much more efficient in dealing with single enemy units/solos). Haven't played with Goreshade or Venethrax yet, I enjoy Denny too much at the moment but I'll definitely have to give other casters a go one day ;)
    Watching your Cryx force grow is a pleasure, keep up the great work!

  2. I'm loving the alternative colour scheme you have going for your Cryx. I just picked up the battlebox and only recently got into Warmachine. Finally got one of the Defilers painted up as a test mini. Not to derail the comment thread here but happen to know of any gaming groups in Edmonton? Been trying to find people to play with. Anyway, awesome looking minis!

  3. Entropyle,

    We sometimes play Warmahordes at the Edmonton Wargame Group (just google it, you'll find it easily). I believe there is an active group playing out of the Thunderground Comics store in St Albert (going there for the first time for a tourney this weekend). Otherwise, the group I play with runs at lunch time at work, so no help there. Good luck!

  4. Thanks Kevin! I've been to the St Albert store, Roy there is a great guy. I'll have to check out the group!