Sunday, July 10, 2011

Paint, But Not Painting

Well, I should have been painting this weekend, but I got paint.

I've been using Vallejo for a while, and recently started up with Reaper paints. I've got to say I really like the dropper bottles. Now, I also really like my Foundry paints, and the pots they come in do a good job of preventing them from drying out (can't say the same for GW paint). However, the Foundry-type pots pretty much suck for everything else. They are tough to get into, the lids snap off, and like all non-dropper bottles, you have to degenerate your brushes loading paint out of them onto a pallet.

The best solution? Get that Foundry paint into dropper bottles.

So, Reaper sells bottles. A solution, and a project.

One thing I like about old Reaper paints is that they put a little BB pellet in each bottle as an agitator. I'm doing the same thing using small fishing weights. The first paints moved over are all the excellent Foundry skin tones.

Currently on the table is the new Cryx battle engine...hope to have an update on that next week.

'Til next time.


  1. Be careful that your agitators aren't prone to rust. That can be an expensive mistake.

  2. VS,

    The weights are tin, which is what I believe the Reaper BBs were made not too worried at this point.

  3. The Reaper agitators are the same material that their miniatures are made of. They're also tiny skulls, not just blobs of metal. Go Reaper!

  4. I had the same problem with P3 paints. Great product; excellent coverage and perfect consistency but the pots are terrible. I had the same problem with them as they're hard to get into and their lids snap off too. I started using empty Reaper bottles for them but never knew it's possible to get some of these separately. Nice to be able to find out about this possibility. Cheers for this one !

  5. I use haematite beads as agitators in my dropper bottles.