Monday, September 5, 2011

Paint Madness

Over the past several years, I've been collecting paint sets. Not like I use all of the's just that I'm a sick, compulsive collector.

Anyway, as I blogged a few weeks back, I was in the process of moving most of my paints over to dropper bottles. I'm happy to say that this stage of paint madness has passed. I now have (and I'm not proud to say it), 800+ bottles of paint from 5 paint sets packed into 10 cases. Yeow!

All the paints have been broken into sets of three...each a shaded progression of a base color. This standard was pretty easy to set, since Foundry and Reaper already used that convention.

So now all the paints from obscure Napoleonic Russian Gun Apple Green to ubiquitous Boltgun Metal are bottled and stored.

Re-bottling paint is damn boring. So, I've been watching instructional hobby painting DVDs from the laptop. Three sets so far.

The 5 DVD set from Mini Wargaming (which could have easily fit on 2 disks) is actually a good introduction to all the major painting techniques. The background music, however, is repetitive to the point of distraction.

The Core Techniques DVD from Privateer was actually a bit simplistic, cursory, and the narrator was annoying. The sample figures weren't painted terribly well either.

I ordered the Hot Lead 3 DVD set (8 hours of video) from the Cool Mini Or Not website. Although the production values were second rate, this was actually the most interesting of the three programs. All basic and several advanced techniques from model prep to basing to painting and finishing were covered, and I had few "Oh, cool" moments while this was playing in the know...while paint was dripping from one pot to another.

'Til next time.


  1. I'd love to get a little how to on dropper-bottling paints,as I would benefit from that :). Also, where does one get those droppers, as I'm also looking into making some custom paint mixes.
    Thanks for any help!


  2. EDW,
    Reaper sells dropper bottles...though I'm sure if I wasn't so lazy I could have found a wholesaler on the internet to buy from. They are easy to use. You just pour your paint in, snap in the dropper and screw down the top.

  3. I found the P3 video to be very helpful for me. Different strokes, I guess.

  4. Great post! Cases from a gaming company or the local craft shop? Compulsive organizers need to know!

  5. Very well organised. Mine is a mix of allsorts.

  6. Hi Kevin

    I'm in need of a high chroma carnelian, :) I googled that, thats a lot of paint, I guess I would have to have a couple hundred of various types, it must be handy having the 3 tones, might start buying my paint that way.


  8. Funny... I am always doing it the other way around.... putting paint from dropper bottles jnto regular pots. Maybe we should have traded pots into droppers!



  9. Hello!!!

    What an awesome system! Any advice on how to do this using Vallejo paint?