Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Totem Hunter: Step by Step

So, I was so excited to get my paint collection finally squared away, I dove right into painting a figure Monday afternoon.

I started with this Totem Hunter from Hordes. He's a Minion solo...kind of inspired by the Predator, I believe. Assembled, primed and inked.

First I did the skin. I chose an alien purple and added some bronzed flesh tone to the highlight color.

Next I did the gold and blue armor. For the gold, I used some tones of Foundry Burnt Gold. The wash on the base gold color is pretty crucial for the effect, I think. Normally, I'd use GW Chestnut ink, but they don't make it any more. So I made a wash of Liquitex Burnt Sienna ink by adding flow improver and some glaze medium. This worked really well, and I'll keep using it from now on. For the blue, I used three tones of Foundry Bavarian Cornflower Blue. I wet-blended the blue to accentuate the highlights and shadows.

Finally, I added the silver metal, leather and bone colors. The staff is a shade of copper. At this point I added some more flesh tone to the skin because it was looking a little flat.

Here, you can see the paint job on the back of the figure.

The fully painted front.

And finally, here is the figure with the base done. Cork, sand, static grass, etc.

'Til next time.


  1. Jebus. Amazing as always. How integral is the initial inking? I've never done that before.

  2. Scott,
    The initial ink pass just shows me where the figure detail is (sometimes hard to see on a flat white figure). I find that it can also reinforce the shading of the final figure.