Saturday, November 12, 2011

Blue Trolls...And When I Say Blue...

So, over at the office, Elliot and Scott talked another Scott into joining our Warmachine/Hordes lunchtime game group. He picked Trollbloods as his faction (or more likely Elliot and Scott talked him into that). Anyway, the new Scott is not a hobbiest, so I told him if he assembled his starting army, I'd "paint" them for him. I qualified this by saying I'd spray down a base coat for his troops which he could then add detail to if he ever felt the urge.

These trolls started with black primer and a pre-shading spray of white. I then went in with the airbrush and did a pass with French Blue and an overspray of Pale Blue. Each of the figures then got a wash of dark brown and blue, and a final highlight spray of Pale Blue. Elapsed time...maybe two hours. It all went pretty fast as you can imagine.

The next morning I did the bases, and voila, some "table-ready" trolls for Scott to learn Hordes with. Well, let's put it this least he won't be playing with bare metal.

'Til next time.

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