Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Epic Lylyth and Her Striders

OK, back to a little bit of Warmachine and Hordes...

My attention has been wandering back to Legion of Everblight, so I put together an Epic Lylyth shooting list. As a consequence, it was time to finish painting Lylyth, along with the Strider Officer and Musician. A couple of Shepherds got caught up in the painting frenzy.

Striders work really well in an Epic Lylyth list, so I decided to paint Lylyth up in my Strider paint scheme, to make them look like a unified force.

Here is the complete Strider unit, along with the unit attachment and Deathstalker solo...and Lylyth. Here's to hoping they do well on the game table!

'Til next time.


  1. Wow, the shading of the yellow is beautifully done. Layering and a wash?

  2. Bob,
    Actually, shade color base coat, dark wash, then some thin highlight passes. Works good for dramatic color changes, which are the case here.