Sunday, January 15, 2012

Gravus, the Menoth Dragoon

It's inevitable that when you collect an army, you eventually get down to the last few pieces you feel compelled to paint. I was feeling this with the Menoth Vessel of Judgement, painted a few months back. I certainly feel it with Gravus. There was the Menoth Dragoon (a piece with mounted and unmounted versions), sitting on the table saying "Hey, you should really paint me if you want to finish off your Menoth collection...sucker!"

So, it was with little enthusiasm that I finished Gravus off. Will I ever use him? Well, character restrictions are coming to the tournament I can see him going into a Kreoss list when the Book and the Avatar have already been claimed into my main list.

Now, what I have left for Menoth are actually a few pieces I am excited to do. Those are the new models that came out in the Wrath expansion. Thyra, Nicia and the Blood of Martyrs are three models made with work well in a list with one I'll be happy to paint them and try them out on the battlefield. Those, along with a few random Mercenary figures should finish off my Menoth collection for the foreseeable future (famous last words).

'Til next time.

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