Monday, July 30, 2012

Bane Knights & Bloodgorgers

Made good progress on a couple of Cryx infantry units over the weekend, so finished them off today and thought I'd do a mid-week update.

The first is a unit of Bane Knights. The steel was weathered using the techniques listed in the tutorial I posted last weekend. The bronze was aged with a turquoise ink wash.

The cloth was done with Foundry Deep Maroon.

The second unit is the rest of the Bloodgorgers. These were completed just like the unit leader, who was painted up last weekend.

Had fun getting the blood splatters onto all the weapons and armor.

'Til next time.


  1. Hello Kevin,

    sorry to post this here but I found no other way to contact you. In the past posts I have seen that you use a lot of pigments on your minis as well. I have some tanks I will work on soon that require the same treatment. Now my problem is, that no matter where I look it always says that varnishing over the pigments ruins the effect and that one should use hairspray to seal it. Which is fine for scale models but not wargaming pieces. So how do you seal your?



  2. Burkhhard,
    It is not seal a model that has a lot of pigment work on it. I've tried, and it is always a disaster. Now, all my models are wargaming models, and they are handled frequently...and I can assure you, that if you fix the pigments with alcohol or turpentine, they will not come off when you handle them. For additional protection on your model, seal it before you start into your pigment weathering. Just don't seal afterwards.

  3. Thank you Kevin! Will do it that way then.

    Thanks again,