Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bile Thralls, Stalkers and Harrower

Still working on Steamroller lists for Warmachine. And as I work on the lists, it seems I need more units to fill them out. So here is the batch for this week.

I've resisted picking up Bile Thralls for a long time, simply because I'm not a fan of the models. However, I need to add an anti-infantry component to some lists, and honestly, there are no better infantry killers in the game than Bile Thralls.'s the unit.

I run a Mortenebra list, and up until now, it has only really had one assassination vector with an overrunning Harrower. But here are a couple of Stalkers which should make the list a bit more fatal to enemy casters.

Several Steamroller scenarios call for the use of reinforcements. In order to keep the tier bonuses for Mortenebra, I need another Harrower that's able to come in on game turn 2.

On the 'jacks, I've continued to use the weathering pigment technique for that rusted and dusty look.

Steamroller tournament today up in St. Albert. I'll try to take some snapshots and post on how the games went.

'Til next time.


  1. Wow that rusting is crazy good, Kevin.

  2. Great looking Cryx. Can you briefly describe how you painted the Bile Thralls (or point to a previous post). I really like the effect with the stitches on the one up front. Did you blend paints or use washes? Very effective.

    Found your blog and been going back looking at your previous Cryx pictures. Great looking stuff.

  3. Awesome looking stuff Kevin, your a master of Rust it seems, though your certainly not rusty!

  4. Klide,
    The Bile Thralls were painted in a similar way as described in the Bloat Thrall tutorial from a few weeks ago. Essentially, the bruising and blood comes from washes of purple and red. The "guts" on the bursting thrall are just hit with a dot of pink. They go pretty quick.

    Bob and Terry,
    Thanks guys!

  5. Great looking minis, love your Cryx army.