Saturday, August 18, 2012

GenCon 2012 Day 3

Today was shopping day. The dealer's hall was...full. So much cool stuff to buy. I picked up the new Spartacus game from Gale Force 9 'cause I'm really looking for a good gladiator game. We'll see how that one pans out.

Hey, geeky Warmachine stuff. Cool.

A couple of things you can always count on seeing at GenCon. I mean booth babes.

OK, so GenCon is ground zero for doughy middle-aged white guys. That guarantees a couple of things. Fortunately, one of them is an empty hotel pool on a nice Saturday afternoon. Had a very relaxing swim.

Back in the dealer's area ran into some great old friends. Here are Jordan and Dawne Weisman and their son, Zach. Jordan is responsible for just a few industry juggernauts, like FASA, Virtual World Entertainment and Wizkids. It was great to see them again.

Ah, what every barbarian queen needs. A Blackberry. Hmmm, there's a joke in there somewhere. Well, it would be funny if I didn't hold RIM stock.

Was leaving the dealer's hall today when I ran into another old friend, Monte Cook. Monte is another industry stalwart. He and I worked together at ICE back in the '80s. He went on to write AD&D 3rd Edition, founded Malhavoc Press, and has done a bunch of other stuff, including Geek Seekers. Super good guy.

Well, I'm in another midnight madness tournament tonight, so I'll be up until the sun rises. Will post tomorrow and then fly home. Sniff!

'Til next time.


  1. At least you got to go, so no sniffling over leaving.

  2. Yes, quite right. Yet another GenCon I didn't get to go to.

  3. A really terrific set of photos. Looks like an absolutely brilliant time, Kevin.