Sunday, September 16, 2012

Darragh Wrathe

Unbelievably, I'm getting very near the end of my Cryx inventory. Just a few models left to go.

I picked up Darragh Wrathe from a friend selling off part of his Warmachine inventory several months back. Now it's time to paint him. I'm always a little intimidated by cavalry pieces because they inevitably involve more work that you'd think. This one went pretty fast though, since the horse is mostly covered with armor.

Darragh Wrathe ( is that pronounced?) is a dragoon figure...meaning he has a mounted and unmounted version. Generally, you paint both models at the same time so that you get identical colors on each.

Well, nothing much to say about this guy, other than I plan to use him in my Terminus list, and that's about it. He makes enemy living models hit less hard, and that's good for attacks on Terminus.

Can't believe I'm almost done with Cryx!

'Til next time.

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  1. His name is Irish, pronounced da-ra, in spite of what you'll hear on a lot of podcasts :-)