Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Terminus vs pVlad: A Very Quick BatRep

Some battle reports are short, because one side gets wiped on turn's an example!

Elliot and I get together again for another 45 point Year Long League game. The starting board position. Elliot's Khador is on the left, my Cryx is on the right. The scenario is this will just be a big mash-up in the middle of the map.

Elliot is running pVlad (Blood of Kings/Signs and Portents) with Conquest and a bunch of Man 'O Wars.

I'm trying Terminus for the first time and load him up with infantry. Undead, nasty infantry.

I go first and surge forward. I'm trying this for the first time and want to see what Terminus can it's everyone for the middle of the board.

Elliot's force is a little slower than mine (OK...a lot slower), so he runs everyone up while the Conquest advances and knocks out 9 Mechanithralls with AOEs. Corpses were collected...bwahaha. Elliot also lays down a couple of covering fire templates to gum up the board center.

My turn 2. Undaunted, I pass some Mechanitralls through the fire templates, survive, and get a meat wall up in front of where I want Terminus...which is right in the center of the board. Can't find out what he's made of unless I stick him in the thick of it. I flank the Banes and Knights around to the left, ready to mow down Man 'O Wars on turn 3. Oh, wait, that's not going to happen. Never mind.

On my right flank I send around some Bile Thralls to purge onto Elliot's Bombardiers on turn 3. Again, another pleasant fiction to keep myself happy.

On Elliot's turn two he uses the Bombardiers to blow away the meat wall in front of Terminus. Then, the full-focus Conquest charges into Terminus and those Pow 22 fists grind my armor 24 'caster into the dirt. I told you it was quick!

And, unfortunately, not very entertaining. But it was educational. Every time you try out a new 'caster, there's an adjustment period where you figure out what he can handle and where he is safe (or in danger!) on the board. Lesson learned.

'Til next time.


  1. Quick, but as you say, informative. Thanks for posting, and I really enjoyed your photos!

  2. Thanks for posting, always entertaining.

  3. I've found that while Terminus isn't big on casting a ton of spells (it's pretty much a Turn 1 Maledication, and a Skarlock for Ravager here and there) most of his play is about positioning and figuring out what you can/camp through.

    I mean, he'll camp through a lot, but ideally you want the enemy at like 2d6-8 to laugh it off. That whole 'DEF14' thing isn't really a defense measure.

    Plus, underestimating threat ranges is painful. Especially when it's a colossal.