Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Battle Report: Kraye vs Harkevich

Elliot and I got together for another Year Long League match last night. The league is still at the 45 point level through October.

OK...I'm trying a new faction. I've put together some Cygnar units to go along with my Stormwall model. faction, new 'caster, new units and abilities. I'm thinking I'm going to lose (and I do), but you have to break some eggs to make an omelet. 

I'm starting out with Kraye, who supports Stormwall nicely with boosted ranged attacks. I also have a Defender, Ironclad, Boomhowlers, Journeyman, Strangeways, Squire and 3 Stormcallers. My plan is to screen the Stormwall with trolls and use my guns to hammer the opposition. Stormcallers maneuver to take out support staff. I don't like the Ironclad in this list, but at 45 points, I can't afford the Stormclad.

Elliot brings Harkevich, his Conquest, Black Ivan, Wyshnalyrr, a unit of Ironfangs, the Gobber, Aiyana and Holt, and the Greylord guy who powerboosts.

We roll up scenario #16, Command and Control. The is a radial game and the opening setup is like so... Elliot is on the left; I'm on the right.

Elliot's set up. The Ironfangs are poking out behind the Conquest.

My set up. Kraye is behind the Defender.

Elliot has first turn. He advances. The control zone (the grey paper circle) is in the center of the board and can be seen in the foreground.

My first turn. Boomhowlers lead off with super-tough and Arcane Shield.

Another view of my first turn move. You can see the covering fire templates screening my Boomhowlers from a potential Ironfang charge. First Lightning Pod is out at the top of the picture in order to set up future triangulation attacks. My Ironclad has Full Tilt and is flanking through the marsh.

Elliot's turn 2. Disaster for me. He gets rid of all but one of the trolls with ranged attacks. Super-tough does not save them. He sets up a screen of Ironfangs. His strategy is like mine. Screen the shooters and lob shells.

My turn 2. While I started the game planning to Stormcall onto Elliot's support staff, they are too far back. However, the Ironfangs are prime targets. Seven go down to lightning attacks. I force an incorrect ruling on Shieldwall vs Stormcall...but I cranked most of the damage rolls which would have overcome the shield bonus anyway. Otherwise I would have felt much worse. We got the proper ruling after the game...

The Journeyman puts Arcane Shield on the Stormwall. I deal 12 points of damage to the Conquest with ranged attacks. Boomhowler (the only troll left) moves off into the left hand forest.

Elliot's turn 3. The Ironfangs are no longer an effective screen. He sends them off against my flanking Ironclad and clears his charge lanes to my Stormwall. First he feats and Broadsides to clear away the Journeyman and soften up my colossal. His mechanics clear all damage off his Conquest. The charges then severely damage Stormwall, leaving him with just 16 boxes. Black Ivan got his crit Brutal Damage. Dang.

Reverse angle. Still on Elliot's turn 3. The Ironfangs put the hurt on Ironclad, taking out both arms.

My turn 3. I'm in trouble. Under Harkevich's feat, his Conquest is armor 23. Even if I throw everything I have at it, I can't bring it down. I try anyway. This does not work. Surprise.

Elliot's turn 4. Stormwall is scrapped, along with what remains of the Ironclad.

My turn 4. Strangeways gives my Defender 'jack Evasive. I'm about to lose the game, so I have to go for a Hail Mary assassination attempt on Harkevich. Defender slips behind Conquest, hits Harkevich with his cannon and delivers 9 damage. Not nearly enough.

Elliot's turn 5. The end. Broadsides softens up Kraye, then Black Ivan delivers the coups de gras.

A fun and complex game. This was the first time Elliot and I had played colossal-on-colossal. There were lots of ability interactions and it was interesting for me to try out a lot of new spells and unit capabilities. Holy cow, are Stormcallers good. No wonder everyone loves Stormwall and the Lightning Pods it spits out. It is quite easy to get triangulation attacks with plenty of nasty angles.

I'll need a lot more practice with Kraye before I start to feel comfortable with him. I'm more interested in playing him at 50 points, when I can exchange the Ironclad for a Stormclad.

'Til next time.

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  1. Really like pictures 9 and 10, the clash of the colossals.