Sunday, October 14, 2012

Detour into Cygnar: Defender and Ironclad

Warmachine work continues. Cryx is finally off the table, and a return to Menoth is on the horizon. To bridge the gap, I've decided to take a side trip into Cygnar. Several months ago I picked up a painted Stormwall colossal from my friend Jarrett Lee ( I've decided to build up a force around that great model, using Jarrett's colossal as a painting style guide.

First two models off the table are a pair of heavy 'jacks: the Defender and the Ironclad.

Here's another pic of Jarrett's Stormwall...I'm trying to match the blue with my new Cygnar units. I'm also trying to replicate Jarrett's weathering techniques.

The Defender has a great Cygnar gun (the faction is known for its guns).

The blue is a progression of Vallejo French Blue and Light Sea Blue, with a finishing highlight spray of P3 Frostbite.

The Ironclad is Cygnar's standard cheap heavy.

He has an earthquake hammer which can affect models within 2", but otherwise, he's not that special.

OK, I have a number of upcoming Cygnar models, which I'll post pictures of over the coming weeks.

'Til next time.


  1. Really cool Kevin and thanks for the kind words about the Stormwall.

    Checking out the photos I have a pretty hard time seeing a difference in the blues between my model and yours, so I'd say you are replicating the blue quite nicely!

    If I had any suggestion it would be to add a bit of white to each model (maybe 1 or 2 panels or something) to tie them in a bit more with the original one. Actually I've already really liked how white compliments the blue scheme on Cygnar. But it's a subjective thing and these still look great regardless.


  2. Jarrett,
    Funny you should mention that. These were the first two Cygnar jacks I built, and although I put some white into the faceguards and forearms, I felt like it wasn't enough to match with the Stormwall. However, on the next two heavies I did (Centurion and Stormclad) I added more white, and they look much better!