Friday, December 28, 2012

2012: Unfinished Projects...Sad Face

As 2012 draws to a close, it's time to look back over the year and figure out what didn't get done. This past year, I finished about 2/3rds of the projects I started. Not bad, but that did leave a lot of models staring back at me with the "What did I do to deserve such shoddy treatment?" look.

Topping the list of unfinished projects was a beautiful BaneLords model I picked up at GenCon during the summer. I put this resin piece on a Secret Weapon 50mm sculpted base and figured I'd have a really nice Middle-earth Troll out of the deal. However, he only got half-way painted before being overtaken by more Cryx madness.

On the Cygnar front, there were a fair number of models I didn't complete. Included...this Hammersmith and Firefly.

I also did not finish Nemo2, Haley1, Murdoch and the Black 13th. I did play with all of these, however.

Back when GW was in the midst of pulling all their metal models from their product line (for the pending release of Fine-mis-cast models), I panicked and purchased as many metal Middle-earth Elves as I could lay my hands on. Here they are in early stages.

Rohirrim! The Hobbit got me started back into more Middle-earth figures. I have a box of Valiant Rohirrim sitting around, so I dug into half the infantry.

My wife is a fan of King Theoden, so she wanted to paint some Rohirrim horses. Here, she has just started into two. I'll be painting the riders. This is a very current project, but won't be done before the end of the year.

North African WWII micro armour. The fetish continues. Here are some British and German vehicles still not done.

And a slew of Italian ones.

In 28mm, to go along with my recently completed Sherman V, I'm "in the process" of painting this Panzer IV H. May be a while before it's done.

My interest in Dust came and went one to play. I nearly finished off this light German walker before shelving the project.

Menoth 'jacks for Warmachine. Here are three that are in various stages of completion. Fortunately, these are high-priority models to get done early in 2013.

More flotsam from the Cygnar side show at the end of 2012. Tempest Gun Mages with Officer, another Stormsmith, and eStryker.

OK, this is one I really want to do. Again for Warmachine, this is the Mercenary Alexia, with two Thrall Warriors and 20 Risen. The boxed set only comes with about 10 Risen...I raided several other manufacturers for the other 10 undead models required for the project.

A few more Warmachine personalities that didn't make it off the production line. Aiyana & Holt, along with Ragman.

Iridian Skirmishers. Gawd...this unit doesn't deserve to be completed. If anyone has a viable list that uses them, please let me know. I can't see a good reason to put them on the Warmachine table.

Finally, a platoon of Canadian soldiers in 28mm for Normandy games. Fellows...don't will see the light of day before long!

Well, there it is. What are you lamenting not getting done this past year?

'Til next time.


  1. I don't have photos but my list is comparably large...

    - Chaos Warshrine
    - Firestorm Armada Aquans
    - Firestorm Armada fleet name escapes me
    - Heavy Gear Southern force
    - Infinity Aleph force
    - Infinity Pan Oceana force
    - Chaos space marine unit
    - Ork Dakkajet
    - Necron spyder
    - Necron character models
    - Necron ghost ark
    - Necron Warriors x 20
    - Necron tomb scythes
    - Gears of War boardgame pieces
    - Super Dungeon Explore boardgame pieces
    - Zombicide boardgame pieces
    - Khador force
    - Dystopian Wars British dreadnought
    - Dystopian Wars Antarcica fleet
    - Dystopian Wars Russian fleet
    - Dust allied force
    - Hobbit Escape from Goblin Town (goblin forces)

    I think this isn't even exhaustive. But all of these are in some stage between primed and finished. Mostly primed :D what a curse this hobby can be to the ill-disciplined people like myself!

  2. I understand not being able to finish some projects. I haven't painted in over a year so I got some unfinished projects and I have a couple unfinished projects that go back to the 90s. I also have plenty of unpainted but unopened and unassembled models. I don't understand how you could acquire so many partly painted models in a single year.

    I don't know when, but some time in the mid 90s I made the decision not to open and assemble models until I was going to paint them. I still have gretchin and goffs from 40K 2nd Edition box set that I was forced to assemble to play some high points game where I would just get slaughtered by a virus grenade... I also have Night Goblins from I think it is 4th Edition of Warhammer, but those at least are mostly painted I just need to base and add the shields.

    I even started using my collection of Nurglings and Plaguebearers as tester figs and to use up paint left on the palette. I also started using Gretchin and indeed old plastic Necromunda figs for a similar purpose. I never play and I don't even get to paint anymore, but I don't buy figs and assemble them, unpainted figs don't count. I don't even think 'mercenary' painted figs should count in tournaments and what have you, it isn't fair to the guy who really did build his army himself not buy it pre made using some tactic from a forum...

    I suggest finishing off these projects before you start new ones, your wallet will thank you. Where do you even store this many partly painted miniatures. The models on my painting desk, back when I had them, sort of haunted me, I wouldn't move on to new projects until I cleared away the previous project unless it was some sort of artificial deadline.

    I've bought plenty of models only to have Games Workshops' rules change often multiple times before I finally get them painted and on the table. I still have Rogue Trader models new in blister.

  3. This comment box isn't even big enough for my exaustive list of unfinished business....

    Just know that your hobby work ethic is far better than my own. No lamenting necessary. ;)

  4. Ah, I am not alone. Let us all cry together, men! ;^)

  5. Jarrett/Minijunkie...I see you bought the Hobbit set...what are your impressions of the sculpts?

  6. HAHA Kevin, I feel your pain,though with it taking me about a year to renovate my basement is a rather lame excuse, I have only again begun painting & am a far cry from getting more than 1 or 2 miniatures done at a time, though I always seem to have several in various stages.

    I think Dave is the only one fortunate enough to look into the crawlspace. Not sure I even want to try creating a list, rather it be more of a SURPRISE!

  7. Hey Kevin, to me the sculpts are very nice given the fairly small scale. I like the goblin king a lot (I haven't seen the movie, mind you) and from what I can tell the dwarves and Gandalf are really well done. I also dig the terrain even if it is pretty simple stuff :)