Friday, December 14, 2012

Step-by-Step: Hammer Dwarves

I have several units still to finish up for my Cygnar sideshow. This week I've wrapped up a unit of Hammer Dwarves with their reach-weapon master goodness.

The figures are very straightforward. I painted the backpacks separately and attached them at the end. Starting with each figure, I primed black.

Instead of the studio scheme of painting the armor khaki, I decided to do my Dwarves in bare metal armor. Each figure got drybrushed with Blackened Steel.

Then, a blue wash.

I then highlighted through the main Reaper metal paint progression: Shadowed Steel, Honed Steel and Polished Silver.

I then painted the hammer in a very aged bronze color. The progression was Scorched Metal, Bronze Barrel and Burning Gold (light).

Leaning heavily on drybrushing layers, you can see that these figures go very quickly. I then painted in details (the shoulder sigil, canvas strapping and skin where necessary).

Before you know it, these 10 fellow are finished up.

A quick and fine project. I like 'em.

'Til next time.


  1. Nice work man! All steel do go very quickly, but I never have the patience you do with layering. What a beautiful effect.

  2. nice SBS you have to love full armour figures
    Peace James
    Exiles Painting

  3. Another fantastic set of painted miniatures Kevin. That is indeed a lot of layering, but you seem to have mastered it.