Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tabletop World: Graveyard 28mm

A few months back, I posted my notes on a piece of terrain (Guard Tower) that I had ordered from a magnificent company in Croatia called Tabletop World. After working on the Guard Tower, I quickly ordered several other of their mediaeval/fantasy structures.

This is the Graveyard.

As you can see, it comes as a resin kit. Because of the nature of the subject matter, assembly and painting is very straightforward.

This was in interim step as I headed toward final assembly. The very large tree came in three sections. I did not use all the headstones. Instead, I left room between the rows of graves in order to allow for easier model placement during games.

Here is the finished piece.

Wrought iron fences were supplied to encircle the entire graveyard along the tops of the low stone walls. As they are quite fragile, and my intent is to use this as a gaming terrain feature, I opted to leave the grating off.

 A detail shot of the rear of the graveyard. The leaves are silver birch seed keys (sold by Secret Weapon) applied with white glue, just as you'd do the static grass.

Another detail shot, this time of the front portion of the graveyard. Tabletop World sculpted plenty of detail into the base.

And now, with 100% more undead.

I think this will make a fantastic, atmospheric Warmachine terrain feature, with plenty of linear obstacles and cover.

'Til next time.


  1. Very nice - actually gruesome.

    Tabletop produce some fantastic terrain pieces.


  2. My fav of the Tabletop terrain pieces and you've done it plenty of justice with that lovely paint job.

  3. Fantastic job Kevin. I am really liking the look of their product! Of course your paintjob certainly enhances the kit!

  4. That is an excellent piece Kevin. Great work!

  5. This is very nice, the detail is great.
    Fantastic work

  6. dude i wanna make this
    plz tell me how and what to buy to make it ?

    or please please make me one ? :D

  7. Does it goes well with some Neca horror figures? Like Sam from Trick r treat and the Neca Kessler Wolf from An American Werewolf in London