Wednesday, February 13, 2013

IKreoss vs Old Witch

Elliot and I haven't played a game for a couple of weeks. Fortunately, he was able to come over last night, and we got in a 50-point game. We played the Supply and Demand scenario (#2) from the new SR2013 pack.

Here is the opening set up. The flag in the middle denotes the center of a 12" scoring zone. There are some weird scoring rules for the supply objectives which I don't think will often come into play. Essentially, players should just go ahead and destroy the opposing objective for 1 point and then either try to score the remaining required 4 points through zone domination...or just kill the opposing 'caster.

Elliot continues his Conquest tour of Khador. This night, he put Old Witch on the board with the colossal. The rest of his list consisted of Assassins, Eliminators, Greylords, Mechaniks and Aiyana and Holt.

I brought out a partially-painted IKreoss (the new Menoth epic cavalry 'caster) and considered putting Judicator in the list. However, I opted out of the big point investment and loaded up with infantry and another heavy 'jack instead. So, the list consisted of Vengers, Gravus, min Errants, Daughters, Fire of Salvation, a Reckoner, Vassal, Mechanik, Choir and Rhupert. The thinking here was to get the Daughters up to def 18 and infiltrate them deep, while Igniting the Vengers and going for really powerful cav charges. Well...half the plan worked.

Khador turn 1. Elliot got the first turn. He had no speed buffs for his force, so he just pushed up the board as far as he could. He got Murder of Crows out in the middle of the board to deny a central push to my Daughters, and then put up a wall of Blizzards to keep my minimal shooting at bay.

Menoth turn 1. I push the Errants into the right flank woods, looking for a quick kill on the objective. I swung my Daughters over to the left flank and crossed the Vengers towards the center. One sacrificial Venger rode out ahead to get the Battle-driven buff on the rest of the unit. IKreoss put his DEF buff on the Daughters, damage buff on the Vengers and Warpath on himself. Rhupert puts Dirge of Mists on the Daughters as well. They will be DEF 18 for the entire game.

My main mistake this turn was moving my 'jacks up the right flank. My thinking was to keep them out of Conquest's line of sight. However, Old Witch has Augury, meaning Conquest can see through forests. So, he can see and shoot at me, and I can't close with him easily. Yuck.

Khador turn 2. Elliot is worried about my alpha strike, so he decides to move up Old Witch and feat. Essentially, this prevents me from ending an advance within 14" of her with most of my army. During the turn he kills his objective (1 point). He also whacks my advanced Venger and an Errant. This puts two soul tokens on Gravus. Important for my next turn.

Menoth turn 2. Basically, I back away with everyone, except for one Errant. That guy I move up and take the POW 14. A quick death, and the third soul token on Gravus. Gravus then advances 8" up to Elliot's line of assassins screening the Old Witch. With reach, I have Elliot's 'caster engaged in melee...just where I want her.

Gravus takes no damage from the Murder of Crows, but he does take 7 damage from the feat. However, no joy for Elliot. Two swings later, Old Witch is pounded for 12 damage, and she only has 4 hit points left. I think this is the main drawback for a powerful control area feat like the Witch has...she has to move up and expose herself to get it off. Sure, her feat set me back a turn and crippled my alpha strike, but I got very close to killing her in retaliation. If only. Anyway, the game continues.

Khador turn 3. Elliot swarms Gravus with Assassins. A few of them also charge up and kill another Venger (my cav are essentially Battle-driven the entire game). Elliot has also maneuvered his Eliminators into my backfield, but nothing really happens with them. The other thing to note is that the middle of the board is pretty crowded for most of the game, leaving Conquest to sit back and shoot. Although he did hit a few targets and some infantry did go down to blast damage, I think Elliot wishes this colossal would have done more.

For the most part, Elliot's dice failed him during this game at crucial times. Case in point. Gravus is dismounted and the subsequent Greylord sprays which are intended to blow him off the board leave the knight with 1 hit point left. Amazing. I get to use him for another turn.

Menoth turn 3. OK, the Old Witch feat is over and I have to make hay. I figure the greatest threat to me is the Kayazy Underboss. Time for IKreoss to go to work. My 'caster moves up, feats, and gets an angle on Elliot's Demolisher. Murder of Crows and Iron Flesh come off and I stick Death Sentence on the Kayazy. Force Hammer to the Demolisher.

I knock the heavy 'jack over the Underboss and kill him with the collateral damage. Hmmm, that went well. I then cast Crevasse and wipe out another 5 Assassins. The Daughters then charge and kill another two Assassins. Gravus, with one soul token, limps over to an exposed Greylord and swipes him away. With the soul, he takes a second attack and kills another Greylord. Finally, my Errants go to work on the objective. A good turn...most of Elliot's infantry has been removed from the table.

I move up my remaining two Vengers to screen IKreoss and await Elliot's assassination attempt.

Khador turn 4. Elliot throws everything he can at IKreoss. First, he manages to clear out one Venger, providing line of sight to my 'caster. However, after all is said and done, he only gets eight damage on IKreoss...and I heal back a couple of those due to some Daughters that are killed by blast damage (yeah Imperishable Conviction).

Menoth turn 4. I finally have charge angles on Conquest with my 'jacks. I load them up and go in. Unfortunately, I only do about 75% damage to the colossal. Next turn, Elliot's two remaining Mechaniks get the weapon systems working again, so this attack wasn't worth it.

Anyway, I withdraw IKreoss, jam Elliot's remaining Assassins and 'caster with Daughters and destroy the objective. Elliot and I are tied at 1 scenario point each.

Khador turn 5. Elliot and I had agreed to play to 11:00 PM, and time was  almost up in the game. Elliot's only play for a win is to clear the zone and score another control point. He gets close, but in the end I have a 'jack and a solo in the zone. The game ends in a tie...

Menoth turn 5. ...But Elliot is a sport and he lets me take my turn to see if I win it. I just charge my last remaining Daughter into Old Witch. I have two chances to roll a 9 to land a hit. I make my first roll with a 10. Charge damage takes down the Old Witch and the game is over with a quick assassination.

Elliot and I with Khador and Menoth always play grinding games that go right down to the wire. This was a prime example. An excellent and fun game with two very competitive 'casters. The game see-sawed back and forth, and either of us could have won at a couple of times during the game. I'm already looking forward to the next match.

'Til next time.


  1. Excellent narrative. I enjoyed reading about it. I am just getting into the hobby and your epic tales of valor helped make my decision to pursue this game as a new venture. Thanks and I look forward to future battles.