Wednesday, February 27, 2013

pSeverius vs eButcher

Had a quick Warmachine game with Elliot last night. It wasn't intended to be quick, but that's what happened. 

Scenario #7, Outflank. Here's the opening set up. Pennies marked the center of 12" control zones.

Elliot had an eButcher list out full of glass cannons looking for a quick strike before Menoth attrition ground him down. Besides Conquest, he had Doom Reavers, Manhunters, Great Bears, Eliminators, Drakun and Beast 09.

I had a pSeverius list with Errants, Reckoner, Avatar and the Blessing of Vengeance. Plenty of support staff as well.

Khador turn 1. Elliot had first turn. On my left flank he sent up Manhunters, Eliminators, the Drakun, Conquest and Butcher.

On my right flank (which did not factor into the game's outcome), Doom Reavers, Great Bears and Beast 09.

Menoth turn 1. I assaulted my Seneschal into Yuri the Axe. No effect. Errants moved up to take ground (one got counter-charged and killed by Drakun). They received Defender's Ward from Severius and Tough from Rhupert. Drakun also took a couple of hits from Reckoner.

On my right flank, the Blessing and Avatar moved up.

Khador turn 2. Elliot looks for a quick kill. He feats and starts by sending Butcher into the Errants. The first knight toughed three times. Hmmm...Elliot begins to curse. Drakun moves up and kills one Errant. The Eliminators run towards the center board. Over the course of his normal activations, Elliot accumulates 6 rage tokens on Butcher. The feat then kicks in. He puts tokens on both Eliminators and the Drakun. The first Eliminator moves in and rolls triple 6s for damage on Severius. Ouch! I only have 4 hit points left. The second charges in and takes Severius down to 1 hit point. Oh no! The Drakun needs to finish the job, but as he advances towards Severius an Errant gets a free strike. Dead Drakun!

Severius ends the assassination run sitting on one life.

Menoth turn 2. Well, eButcher is swinging in the wind. Five Errants charge and that ends the game.

Short, furious, and very close match.

'Til next time.

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