Sunday, April 14, 2013

Gothic City Ruins

A few years back I picked up a city ruin kit from Pegasus. This is a hard injection molded plastic kit that allows you to make two ruin sections. Not surprisingly, the two sections are identical. That's OK...there is enough detail in the model to distract the eye from the simple symmetry of the final built pieces.

This turned out to be a quick two-day project. Day cleaning and assembly, and a black primer.

Day two...some airbrush work to get the grey stone color, and then some brushwork to paint the tile flooring and drybrush the final surfaces.

Quicker than some of the projects I've been taking on lately! Anyway, happy with the final result. I'm running the MayDay Steamroller tournament in a couple of weeks, and this is the last bit of terrain I had planned to build for the ten tables being set up. Away next week, so I think the next post will be from MayDay (unless I squeeze something else in).

'Til next time!