Sunday, July 28, 2013

Damiano Tier 4 Project: Part 1

OK, first week of the Mercenaries project.

In terms of chewing through the infantry portion of this project, you can see that I have the riflemen cleaned up and based. Damiano got onto his base very quickly. Hmmm, halberdiers...why are there only two done?

Rage mode on.

OK, halberdiers are 1 hit point infantry with crappy defensive stats. They are the definition of popcorn troops. So, they're going to be flying off the table. As a service to players, they should be as easy to assemble as they are to kill. But wait. Have a look. Each guy is 6 pieces. WTF! And they are small finicky pieces. Ridiculous! How does anyone have the constitution and patience to get through a full unit? Well...maybe I'll get there by next week.

And 'jacks. So, instead of the three heavies I need for my Tier 4 list, I've decided to do four. I'm going to build an additional Nomad in order to have a little flexibility in list building.

The mould line extravaganza on these soft plastic kits made me regret the decision to build four. So, during the first week, I've only been able to clean parts. No assembly yet. The good news: All the parts are ready to go. Assembly next. This will two Mules, a Nomad and Rocinante.

Back to the table.

'Til next time!

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