Wednesday, July 31, 2013

pKreoss vs eMorvahna

OK, time for the weekly Warmachine game with Elliot. This week we played Incoming...and because this scenario affects light artillery models, and neither of us brought any, this was really a game about taking juicy scoring zones.

The opening set up.

Before we start, it's worth noting that Elliot painted his eMorvahna piece. She's beautiful.

Great paint job, Elliot!

OK, Elliot with Circle rolled to go first. Here's his opening set up. He has eMorvahna with a Stalker, Ghetorix and Gorax. Druids, Bloodtrackers, Wilder, two sets of stones (and one UA), a tree and the Blackclad round out the force.

I'm playing my pKreoss list. Standard pop 'n drop build with Daughters thrown in to keep the enemy 'caster off guard. pKreoss, Fire of Salvation, Reckoner, Vanquisher, Redeemer, Temple Flameguard and UA, Daughters, Rhupert, eEryss, Choir and two Vassals.

Circle turn 1. Bloodtrackers have my Daughters as Prey. Everyone advances. Druids pop smoke and an anti-magic aura. Carnivore goes on the Stalker. Fog of War is up.

Menoth turn 1. Daughters get Defenders Ward and Dirge of Mists and plow straight into Elliot's front line. Bloodtrackers fail the morale check. Three Bloodtrackers go down to shooting. Kreoss has Lamentation up.

The Flameguard advance in shieldwall, leaving shooting lanes open for the 'jacks behind.

Circle turn 2. The Daughters are a big problem. They are within striking distance of Morvahna and are DEF 18. Elliot dedicates the turn to clearing them away. Three go down to Morvahna casting Death Knell on her own Ghetorix. The beasts clean up the rest.

Menoth turn 2. I attrition down a lot of infantry with AOE shots. More go down to charging/mini-feating Flameguard. I move Fire of Salvation to contest my zone (which I see Elliot will make a play for). I place Salvation behind the wall in order to get a DEF bonus when Elliot sends in his beasts. As it turns out, this measure does not work like I want it to.

Circle turn 3. Ghetorix double teleports and just clears Salvation's wall to hit on 3s. Salvation goes down. Ghetorix then sprints to get close to my 'caster. Stalker kills eEryss, who is my only other piece holding the zone. eMorvahna feats and brings back 9 guys, clogging up the center of the board and ensuring I can't make a serious attempt at gaining back my zone on my next turn. It's looking bleak. Elliot scores two scenario points.

Morvahna is in Elliot's backfield, cackling over her impending scenario victory.

Menoth turn 3. pKreoss feats. Most of Elliot's army gets knocked down. I blow away most of it (again). Ghetorix goes down to the Reckoner. The Flameguard are free to run into my zone and contest it...but I only get three models in. Impending doom. No scenario points scored this turn.

Circle turn 4. The Stalker and the Blackclad stand up and quickly dispatch the infantry I had in the zone. Morvahna runs into the zone to dominate in. Elliot scores 3 more victory points for the total of 5 he needs. Game over.

Another good game. The more games of SR 2013 I play, the more I realize I'm super weak on scenario play...I'm going to have to concentrate on that for the rest of the year. Good game, Elliot.

'Til next time.

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