Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Some Quick Warmachine Objective Markers

As a short diversion, I decided to whip up a couple of quick Warmachine 50mm objective markers. I find that little projects like this help break up the drudgery of long bouts of single point infantry painting.

To get a project like this going, it helps to have a well-stocked bits container. For objectives, you can use practically anything that's thematic, dramatic or narratively interesting. While I was searching for the subject of these objective markers, I dug up some resin dwarf ruin statuary bits made by Scibor Miniatures. Perfect!

The original molds were a little big to fit on 50mm bases...so I just snapped off the edges until they fit. I then filled in all around the casts with white glue and applied course sand. Primed black, drybrushed mud and stone, detail painted the molded-in ferns and skulls, applied grass and done.

'Til next time.

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