Sunday, October 20, 2013

Two Warcasters

I've joined the LGS Journeyman League for this season, and each week there's a painting challenge. So, for the next 5 weeks, I'll be posting what I paint for the league. This week's challenge was one regular 'caster and one epic 'caster.

For my regular, I chose to paint up Broadside Bart. I'm slowly building up a Bart/Galleon list to compliment my Damiano Tier 4 Bart had to come up at some point! I tried to match his artwork in the Mercenaries book.

For the epic 'caster, I chose ENemo. He was one of the left over miniatures I had from my foray into Cygnar at the end of last year. Really beautiful model, and I was happy to paint it.

I sprayed most of the blue, and then put much of the effort into finishing it off with brush work.

And here are the two together.

'Til next time.


  1. love the swashbuckler guy! nice job.

  2. Enjoying your blog! Two quick questions if you don't mind...

    1. Where do you do most of your miniature buying/browsing in Edmonton? I've been looking for a local retailer that has a wide selection but coming up sort. Mission Games in St. Albert has probably been best so far but still a little light. Or do you do mostly mail order?

    2. (Roughly) what is your percentage split between airburshing and traditional brush painting? Airbrush mostly for base coat? Any good/knowledgeable edmonton retailers for airbrush supplies/equipment?

    I haven't painted mini's since my teens and have just recently been (re)afflicted by the itch...

  3. Kickin123,
    Hi, and thanks for checking out the blog.
    1) For Warmachine, I buy from Thunderground up in St Albert. It's about 5 minutes away from Mission, and the guy running the shop, Roy Kim, is a great game community leader. For historicals, I mostly mail order, often directly from the manufacturer, and these are outfits usually located in the UK. If you run down to Calgary, the best place to pick up minis is at the Sentry Box.
    2) I airbrush figures when there are large swaths of a single base color on a model (like ENemo in the post above), or for difficult-to-brush colors, like white. I have one army (Menoth) that is dominated by I wind up usually airbrushing several shades of tan to off-white on those models. When it comes to vehicles, I always get as much done with the airbrush as possible. Regardless, all models get finished with brush work, but the proportions depend on the individual models. Overall, from a time-investment perspective, 5% airbrush and 95% brush work...but that's because airbrushing is so fast.

    Hope this helps!