Monday, March 31, 2014

Works in Progress

I haven't posted much this month. I've been starting a number of projects, but have nothing to show for the effort yet...but soon!

The LGS is running the new Charsaug league for Warmachine. I won't be able to play many games, but I will be trying to earn as many hobby points as I can. So...starting work on the most difficult model I'll face in this hobby challenge...Galleon. As usual, cleaning the horrendous mould lines and flow gates off the resin has proven to be the biggest challenge so far. However, the major assemblies are together and ready for painting. I'm going to go with a rusty green and brass paint scheme, which I think will move along pretty quickly.

I'm also doing a Vanguard light jack at the same time in the same scheme.

However, what's been occupying most of my time is a new batch of Middle-earth figures. Concentrating on men this time. I have a selection of men from the Gondor fiefdoms, Dunland, and a few from Arnor. They are still on the painting table.

In other news, Tabletop World, which casts wonderful 28mm buildings, is having a Facebook painting contest. I've photographed a few of my pieces and sent them in for consideration.

Anyway, I should get some models off the table shortly.

'Til next time.

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