Sunday, March 2, 2014

Dropzone Commander APCs, Howitzers and Buggies

Recently I've completed some 12mm mechs and infantry stands from the Heavy Gear franchise. They got me interested in building up a couple of sci-fi armies. I started looking around for other models to round out a combined arms force. The vehicle models from Dream Pod 9 (Heavy Gear's manufacturer) are just way too expensive to consider...and really, there weren't good quality cheap alternatives. However, I was intrigued by the aesthetic of Hawk Wargames' Dropzone Commander UCM vehicles. Although these models are 10mm scale, they are a close match for the Heavy Gear stuff. And they look good. I ordered some.

Here are some Bear APCs. I was suspect of the lateral mould break...there were going to be some nasty gaps to fill.

Also got some Longbow Howitzers. These artillery pieces are real beauties.

This is the Kodiak command vehicle. A variant of the same mould gap issue.

Wolverine buggies. These fast attack cars can be built with chain gun or rocket pod armaments.

Here is an assembled Bear. As I suspected, the gap right through the middle of the vehicle is a real problem.

The Howitzers went together like a dream. Really like these models.

And the buggies are very cool.

The Kodiak, with its trailer. This is going to look really good once the radar dish is mounted.

Putty for all the APC chassis. Nasty. Had to apply and scrape down several times.

On to painting. I acquired these Dropzone models for my Heavy Gear Southern they got the same blue-grey color treatment. I felt that the APCs needed a camo pattern, so I applied a tape mask...

...and sprayed brown.

Once the tape was removed, I was left with a pretty interesting looking camo pattern.

To finish the models off, they got a blue-black wash and details like windscreens, guns, tires and lights painted in. They were then sprayed with floor wax and decals were applied. A final spray of Dullcoat flattened out the finish.

And these are the buggies and howitzers.

And here's how the models mix in with the Heavy Gear mechs and infantry stands.

I've ordered some stands to mount these new models on...when they arrive I'll do the bases.

Anyway, I think this mix of models (along with some aircraft and tanks to come) will make a nice 10-12mm sci-fi army.

'Til next time.

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